Business Law

Our clients include start-up, emerging, and established closely held businesses. We guide and counsel our clients in all aspects of their business including:


• Structuring their entities.

• Developing, protecting, and promoting their business ideas.

• Serve as General Counsel.

• Complete their mergers, acquisitions, financings, strategic alliances and exits.


Our business and client-driven approach is practical and cost-effective. Our manageable size allows us to respond nimbly to challenges and craft customized fee structures. These competitive advantages have driven our proven success in attracting new clients, regardless of economic climate, and sustaining decades-long relationships with existing clients.


Business Entities – Structuring, Forming, Planning, Maintaining


Choosing the right type of business entity, and where to form it, are building blocks for success by helping to:


• Insulate against liability.

• Provide tax flexibility.

• Enable efficient growth.

• Attract investors and buyers.


We counsel on, and structure all types of entities, including profit corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. In concert with our clients’ other professional advisors, we document and negotiate the entire deal, including:


• Non-disclosure agreements.

• Letters of intent.

• Asset and equity purchase agreements.

• Merger agreements.


Business Owners – Agreements


For any business, a clear understanding among key players – such as owners, key employees, and investors – helps create or reinforce a shared vision, aligning the business for success and reducing the potential for disputes. We develop these vital relationships through carefully prepared and planned organizational documents, including shareholder agreements, limited liability company operating agreements, and partnership agreements designed to specifically address our clients’ needs and with the appropriate foresight to effectively manage unplanned circumstances.


Employment/Compensation Agreements


Committed employees are the most valuable asset of any business. Therefore success often depends on attracting and retaining executives, employees and other key personnel. We promote that effort for clients-whether doing the hiring or being hired—by devising comprehensive agreements, including:


• Employment and executive compensation agreements.

• Restrictive covenants.

• Commission-based sales representative agreements.

• Deferred compensation, profit sharing, and stock appreciation\phantom stock agreements and plans.


Business Operations


We help business clients with their day-to-day operations by reviewing, negotiating, and revising—and creating manageable templates for various transactions, including:


• Distribution and service agreements.

• Agreements to bring in new investors.

• Joint venture agreements.

• Employee, customer, vendor, and consulting agreements.

• Intellectual property-related licenses and agreements.


We recognize, however, that given volatile economic cycles and proliferating technology, businesses and business needs change dynamically. Some challenges simply do not fit traditional templates. We continuously adapt, developing new strategies and approaches for new products and services, spotting and removing seemingly novel obstacles.


Business Disputes


Unfortunately, despite all precautions, business disputes arise. Disputes among owners are often the most difficult. When we represent a client involved in a dispute, we use our business-directed mindset to seek resolution, keeping in mind the value of the business and the potential harm from the significant distraction and expense of litigation.